Our Heirloom Garlic

Our family has been growing garlic in Wisconsin for over 40 years. In 1999 we planted the first garlic here at Idle Wild Herbs. We started with a Rocambole variety from the herb garden of my mother (Veronica). Later we planted another variety of Rocambole, this time it came from my Uncle Pete's farm. Both are great tasting, hearty strains that continue to recieve good reviews for their size and flavor (in fact our Uncle Pete's variety just won a Blue Ribbon at the local Fair). We offer both varieties for sale etiher ready to eat, or ready to plant (see below).

Our Heirloom Garlic

How Our Garlic is Grown

Our farm is located on 10 acres in northeast Wisconsin just south of Sturgeon Bay. Prior to being used for growing garlic, our land was used as pasture for 10 years.

We have used organic gardening practices for almost 40 years. We love the earth and think we all should do what we can to care for it wherever we are. We have not yet gone through the organic certification process, but we do meet or exceed all of the USDA requirements to be certified. We like to think of ourselves as certifiable. :)

Our Heirloom Garlic

Where to Find Our Products

Starting in 2017 we are selling our garlic exclusively online or in person. If you would like to purchase your garlic in person, please call ahead to make arrangements.

Our garlic is planted in the fall. We have garlic scapes for sale in mid or late June to mid July, depending on the weather.

Fresh bulbs of garlic are available at the end of July. Cured garlic is available and ready to ship starting mid August.

For more information regarding our shipping prices and policies, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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